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Poor Little Rich Boy Announces Celebration of Fall/Winter Collection with Scholarship Awards

The Founders of the Bay Area located Men's lifestyle brand, Poor Little Rich Boy, are celebrating the introduction of their 2015 Fall/Winter Collection by offering a scholarship award program for high school seniors attending college.


This will mark the first full season of which the Founders, Michael Dade and Trevaj Siller, will donate 5% of all semi-annual sales to a college bound high school senior from an economically challenged background. Considered to be the standard of luxury for the urban gentleman, the brand is staying true to their idea of quality over quantity in their products and has released a limited yet exciting Fall/Winter selection of men's dress shirts, casual shirts, outerwear and more. The company just passed its one year anniversary and will be looking to expand their future offerings into a more diverse lineup of products as they continue to grow.

In July of this year, the Poor Little Rich Boy Scholarship for high school seniors attending college was introduced.

The first award will be gifted to a qualified student in early January 2016. The Poor Little Rich Boy Scholarship is aimed at high school seniors attending college who come from economically challenged backgrounds. Michael and Trevaj are really excited to assist two deserving students per year with their finances to attend college. “School costs are rising and loans are still very hard to come by,” said Dade. “Being from Richmond, I, along with many others, am all too familiar with this scenario.” Dade attended Georgetown University due to lots of hard work and various scholarships he spent months searching for.

Poor Little Rich Boy has committed to donating 5% of semi-annual net sales to help fund the scholarship for a deserving local student. The one-time scholarship award which can be used for books, tuition or other school costs, will be a minimum of $500 with a maximum limit of $10,000 per half year, and will be available Jan. 15, 2016 and July 15, 2016 and every year after, according to Dade.

Interested students in their senior year of high school and enrolled in an accredited college or university can download applications at or can contact Poor Little Rich Boy at info(at)plrbclothing(dot)com for more information.

"We want to see more children be able to afford college and to graduate wearing one of our shirts".

About Poor Little Rich Boy: Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, Poor Little Rich Boy was founded in 2008 by two longtime friends and Richmond, CA natives Michael Dade and Trevaj Siller. In July 2014, they released the official website and first line of products focused on delivering luxurious and elegant clothing for the urban man as the two believed "a Poor Little Rich Boy expects the best of everything and nothing less". They created the brand with the vision of having a modern twist on classic styles.

The brand stays away from trendy and overly flashy products but does offer items that appeal to anyone looking for the latest in style. The company focuses on providing quality materials in its garments and operates under the idea that quality trumps quantity in today’s ideal fashion world.

PLRB dress shirts, for example, are made with 100% Egyptian cotton and are beautifully crafted with elegant prints and designs with a slim fit for today's gentleman. "Today's young urban gentleman is on the go. He might go to work, to the gym, to happy hour and out to dinner for the night all in one day. We wanted to create a brand that allows that man to look sexy, sophisticated and be comfortable all day". Discover more at